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Charities: The Law and Practice
Charities: The Law and Practice
Number of volumes: 3
Practice Area:  Charities
ISBN:  9780752000565
Last Release: Jun 2017 / Next Release: Aug 2017
Subscription Information: 6 releases a year, Charge By Release
Format:  Looseleaf
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Shortly after this title's launch in September 1994, Lord Allen of Abbeydale added a foreword which ended as follows:

In  the  light of all these  changes, it  is  very  fitting  to be able  to  have recourse to authoritative and  clear  explanations of various  aspects of charity law  and  practice  which  are up-to-date, and  will be kept  up-to¬ date. This is what this publication achieves. It gives expert  guidance for example on how to set up a charity and,  in a substantial section, on  the responsibilities which  fall on trustees in running a charity. It gives advice in the tricky areas of fund-raising, investment, taxation  and  trading. Nor does  it fail to explore the possibility of difficulties arising  with  Brussels. With its comprehensive cover, it is a publication which will be primarily of value   to  practitioners, but  it  is  not  too  much   hope  that  some  of  the information and  advice  to be found in its pages  will percolate  to a wider audience.

Over the years, which have seen many more changes of law and practice and over 60 releases, the editors have done their utmost to ensure that the work remains authoritative and up-to-date.  The editorial team remains: Douglas Cracknell (General Editor); Pesh Framjee; Adrian Longley; and Francesca Quint.

The work's contents are as follows:
[Volume  1]
Foreword – Lord Allen of Abbeydale                                                   
Editorial team                                                                                          
Explanation of the work                                                                         
Tables  –  Cases,  Statutes,   Statutory  Instruments  and  European Legislation
Table of Destinations: Charities  Act 2011
Part 1: Commentary (sections A–H)
A    Meaning  and Extent of Charity
B   Setting  up a Charity
C   Registration of Charities
D   Government  and Charities
E   Running a Charity F  Land Transactions G   Funding
H   Investing  the Funds
[Volume  2]
Part 1: Commentary (sections I–O)
I   Amending  the Governing  Instrument
J   Dealing with Disputes
K   Trading
L    Accounting, Auditing and Reporting
M    Taxation
N    Tax-Effective  Giving
O   The European Dimension Part 2:          Source materials Statutes
Part 2:    Source materials
Statutory instruments, etc
Part 3:    Appendices
Appendix  1: Charity Commission material                                                  
Appendix  2: Other materials                                                                         
Appendix  3: Taxation guidance                                                                    
Appendix  4: Useful lists and addresses                                                        
Appendix  5: Key decisions (formerly  Decisions of the Charity
Commission—Case Summaries)                                            
Our decisions (formerly  Final Decisions of the
Commission—Alphabetical Index)                                         
Part 4: Forms and precedents

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Updating releases are charged for individually when published. On receipt of your initial order for the looseleaf mainwork, we will register you for the updating services. When a new updating release is published, you will automatically receive the release along with the invoice. Please inform us, in writing, if at any time you wish to cancel the updating service. We will cancel the service and will not send you further releases 

6 updating releases published per annum

Admirably comprehensive - NGO Finance
Clear explanation of legal requirements, obligations and practice. - Charity
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